JaMBW Table of Contents

  1. Data Entry
    1. Sequence conversion: SeqIO (James Knight)
  2. Data Manipulation
    1. Reverse / Complement / Inverse your sequence (Luca Toldo)
    2. Shuffle [randomize its order] your sequence (Luca Toldo)
    3. Translate from DNA to protein(Luca Toldo)
  3. Data Analysis
    1. Single Sequences
      1. Windowed percentage composition (Luca Toldo)
      2. Feature Viewer (Luca Toldo)
      3. Look at all possible ORF (Luca Toldo)
      4. Isoelectric point (Luca Toldo)
      5. Antigenic Index (Luca Toldo and Ramu Chenna)
      6. Oligo Calculator (Eugen Buehler)
    2. Pairs of Sequences
      1. dotplot comparisons (Luca Toldo)
  4. Genetical and functional site mapping
    1. find DNA and PROTEIN patterns, and binding / cutting sites (Luca Toldo)
  5. Design (primers design, 3d viewer)
    1. Threedimensional structure viewer ( Dirk Walther)
    2. PCR Primer Design(Luca Toldo)
    3. Phyisical mapping calculators (Andrey Grigoriev and Elizabeth Odekirk)
    4. Buffer Calculator (Rob Beynon)