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Mutual Information in Biological Molecules

This is software designed to measure co-evolution within one molecule or across a pair of molecules. This idea is mentioned elsewhere on this site, and is not the only tool available for the job. Those tools are available as webservers - this is not, due to the processing time requirements. However, this tool has a GUI that will enable scientists to use it without any coding knowledge.

Some of the key features (some of which seem to be unique) of this software are as follows:

* Allows customizable input - protein grouped, individual, or nucleic acid. Can compare protein-nucleic acid co-evolution.

* Can examine intramolecular or intermolecular co-evolution.

* Standard correction factors such as APC or RCW available.

* Unique correction factor (Z) for intermolecular co-evolution available, which takes into account intramolecular signals.

* Another unique correction factor (CAPS) adjusts the mutual information score based on overall conservation of a residue.

* Can substract out background in the form of the score for a shuffled set of sequences.

* Reports all pair data, so the indentities of key residues can be found, facilitating direct tests in the wet-lab.

Offline Files

Please select the files you would like to download. The full package includes the manual, an exectuable .jar file, example data, and the soure code.