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  • MolTalk: Biostructure library for Obj-C - News

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    MolTalk at version 1.2, now
    Submitted by Alexander Diemand; posted on Thursday, December 04, 2003

    MolTalk has evolved to version 1.2

    The Windows All-in-One Installer contains all the necessary files to start you MolTalking.
    Compiling the project on any Unix machine is easy. The sources are available in the CVS.

    more happy Talkin'Mols ...

    MolTalk Version 1.0 released plus Windows installer
    Submitted by Alexander Diemand; posted on Wednesday, October 22, 2003

    Version 1.0 released for MolTalk.

    For convenience under Windows, I have packaged the program with examples and all dependencies (DLL) into a single installer. Click and go! This biest is natively Win32, no cygwin installation necessary.

    This version is a stable release under Unix (including Linux) and considered alpha under Windows. Further efforts will be put into providing a more stable Windows version.

    We appreciate all comments and certainly your bug reports and patches. :-)


    MolTalk project initiated
    Submitted by Alexander Diemand; posted on Sunday, September 28, 2003

    The MolTalk project aims at developing a library to map 3D information of macromolecular structures to object space. A scripting language based on the object-oriented programming language SmallTalk, allows access to all objects.

    This is the initial release of the code, documentation and a tutorial.

    All CVS entries have been tagged with "VERSION_0_9a".

    Happy coding!

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