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Patristic is a Java program that uses as input different tree files and computes their patristic distances. Patristic allows saving and editing in different ways those distances. Patristic provides different graphic views of the results as well as the possibility to save them in the CSV format for building graphics using Excel.


  • Patristic distances are calculated from trees in many variant of the Newick format (Compatible programs: PAUP, MEGA, Clustal, Phylip).
  • Distance matrices can also be imported from MEGA, PAUP, Phylip.
  • Two matrices can be plotted and some statistics such as the correlation coefficient are calculated.
  • Plots can be saved in different formats such as Encapsulated PostScript (EPS), GIF, JPG, PNG, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)... thanks to the VectorGraphics package of the FreeHEP Java library.

Citing Patristic:

Fourment M, Gibbs MJ. PATRISTIC: a program for calculating patristic distances and graphically comparing the components of genetic change. BMC Evol BIOl. 2006; 6:1.