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User friendly PDB (Protein Data Bank) file editor with graphic user interface

To Download :

Run by : java -jar PDBEditor.jar

Tool for protein crystallographers to expedite selective edit / data extraction / analysis of their PDB files

Runs on any operating system supported by Java 6 (Windows, MacOS, Linux) < Java 6 is required - download FREE from >

General Features

  • Search and edit (in parallel) coordinates based on conditions user specifies

  • Quickly extract and write selected data in tab delimited format to analyze in spreadsheet or other statistical programs using clipboard action (cut + copy + paste)

  • Quickly amend atoms and spacegroup by clipboard action

  • Manipulate atoms in fractional coordinates

  • Edit spacegroup and calculate SCALE matrix

  • Arrange / sort / correct atom orderings

Extended Features

  • Selectively generate symmetry mates in user defined condition to analyze packing of atoms in protein crystal to help aid choosing molecular replacement solutions

  • Selectively analyze atom distances to expedite calculation of interaction distances

  • Selectively rotate / translate atoms

  • Selectively analyze stats (average, standard deviation, maximum, minimum) of atom's coordinates, B-factor, occupancy, etc.

  • Extract sequence from atoms in FASTA format