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Document: taking care of this wiki | Last modified: April 14, 2010
Taking Care Of This Wiki

All files are inside folder 'wiki' that is at the root of the webserver.

Each wiki 'document' is really a simple text document with a .qwiki extension. These documents are in wiki/data/ folder. A document that has attached images or files will also have a corresponding folder named appropriately and with the '_attach' suffix. That folder has the attached files.

! Unless absolutely needed, do not edit the .qwiki files in a text-editor. If you have to, use a code-editor such as BBEdit, jEdit, etc.

Every time a document is edited, a backup copy of the previous version is made and stored in a document-specific subdirectory inside wiki/backup/ folder. If a document has been edited many times, there will be many such backup files, all named the same (as the document) but with ascending numerical suffices (such as xxx.0001, xxx.0002, etc.). To trim excess backup files or to restore a wiki page to an older version using a backup file, use the 'backup maintainance' link that appears at the bottom of pages after having logged in as an administrator.

Make sure that the file permissions (read, write, execute) for wiki/data/ and wiki/data/various_attach folders are not altered from the current settings (owner www, group wheel; owner read, write and execute, world, i.e., others, read and execute, and group none). These settings ensure security and also allow editing.

The wiki uses _widelogo_template.php as the template. To change the header or footer (date and links at top of a wiki page, page counter at bottom of a wiki page, etc.), edit that page.

The page counter uses hitcounterlog.txt file and its permissions should include 'writable by others.'

The PHP scripts behind this wiki may use the visitor's IP address to restrict access to editing; modify the _config.php file and any .htaccess file inside the wiki directory to add more 'allowed' IP addresses.
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