[BiO BB] Biochemistry book reccomendation needed

Su Wu wusu at ele.uri.edu
Thu Dec 19 12:59:18 EST 2002

Being an electrical engineer and computer scientist, I found Stryer's 
book very informative and enjoyable.  But I will check out Cooper's and 
Garrett & Grisham's as well.  Thanks for the recommendation!

Su Wu

J.W. Bizzaro wrote:

> Hi Ken.
> I've used both Stryer and Garrett & Grisham.  They are comparable in size,
> covering enough material for several semesters of biochemistry.  The latter is a
> bit easier to read, while the former is a bit more detailed.
> I think most biochemistry texts are overkill for those not choosing the field as
> a profession.  One of my favorite texts, which is concise and nicely
> illustrated, is The Cell: A Molecular Approach, by G.M. Cooper.  I would
> recommend it for those who don't intend to be biochemists but would like to know
> enough biochem and molecular biology to begin studying bioinformatics.
> Cheers.
> Jeff
> Ken Firestone wrote:
>>I need a book recommendation. I am coming from a Computer Science
>>background, and I would like a basic biochemistry text. I studied
>>biochemistry many years ago, and I still have an ancient copy of
>>Lehninger. So what should I get now.

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