[BiO BB] which one is the "best" protein sequence when multiple entries ar e found?

nikhil gadewal ngadewal at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 23 05:31:34 EDT 2003


  If u are looking for gene/protein seq from
particular organism source than go to 'map viewer' in
NCBI. In Map viewer gives a single gene entry for an
organsim. Single gene entry is derived for multiple
sequence of different seqs of same gene in a database.
Check for locus name of the gene. 

--- Renxue Wang <rwang at bccancer.bc.ca> wrote:
> Hi, Everyone, In protein databases such as NCBI and
> others. The same protein
> often has many different entries (different
> accession numbers deposited by
> different authors at different time). To avoid the
> redundancy, I need to
> pick one entry for each protein to work with. What
> is the criteria to pick
> the "best" one (the most accurate)? Any rule of
> thumb for a programmer?
> Thanks a lot. Ren (rxwang1 at aol.com) 

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