[BiO BB] Day symposium on Bioinformatics at University of Louisiana on April 8

Rasaiah Loganantharaj logan at cacs.louisiana.edu
Thu Mar 11 14:01:25 EST 2004

We are organizing a day symposium on Bioinformatics at the University of
Louisiana, Lafayette. The keynote presentation at the symposium include
Dr. David Mount from University of Arizona, Dr. Peter Good from NIH, Dr.
Luxmy Parida from IBM T. J. Watson Lab. and Dr. Mark Borodovsky from
Georgia Institute of Technology.

The objective of the symposium is to help the new and existing
bioinformatics researchers and to facilitate  networking for future
collaborative research and funding opportunity.

There is no registration fee to attend/present at the symposium, but
must register to attend the symposium. Those who want to present at the
symposium, must submit his/her abstract before March 19th, 2004. 

The details of the symposium is given at 

Best regards from
Raja Loganantharaj

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