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                   CALL FOR PAPERS

            Algorithms in Molecular Biology

                     Session of

  6th Int.Conf. on Algorithms, Scientific Computing,
              Modelling and Simulation 

                   Cancun, Mexico,
                   May 12-15, 2004


Computational Molecular Biology, has emerged from the
Human Genome Project as an important discipline for
academic research and industrial application. The
growing size of biological databases, the complexity
of biological problems and the necessity to deal with
errors in biological sequences all result in large run
time and memory requirements. Biological sequence
databases are growing at an exponential rate. All of
these factors will make the development of fast, low
memory requirements and high-performances algorithms
increasingly important in Computational Molecular

In our session, we are interested in papers that deal
with all aspects of algorithms in Molecular Biology.
We are, particularly, interested in algorithms that
address fundamental and/or applied problems in
Molecular Biology, that are computationally efficient,
that have been implemented and experimented on
simulated and/or on real biological sequences and that
provide interesting new results. The submitted papers
should present recent research results and identify
and explore directions for future research. 
Topics include, but not limited to: (i) strings
processing, (ii) biological sequences comparison,
(iii) structures prediction, (iv) phylogeny
reconstruction, (v) DNA sequences assembly,
clustering, and mapping, (vi) molecular evolution,
(vii) genes prediction/recognition, (viii) genes

You are invited to submit a hardcopy or a pdf version
of a draft paper, about 4 to 5 pages including figures
and references, before April 2, 2004 to the Session
Chair :

Dr. Mourad Elloumi :
Mailing Address : Cité Intilak bloc 6, app. 7,
                  El Menzah 6,
                  2091 Tunis,
E.Mail: Mourad.Elloumi at fsegt.rnu.tn 
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