[BiO BB] Biomimicry in Database Design

Stephanie Gerson sgerson at stanfordalumni.org
Fri Mar 4 01:26:06 EST 2005


   My name is Stephanie and I'm working with a team to develop a database
of ecological relationships.  We are in the process of deciding how the
informational content will be stored and organized.  We are interested in
how nature stores and organizes information, so to speak, so that we may
mimic these methods in our own database design - which is why I'm turning
to Bioinformatics.  Is there a branch of Bioinformatics specifically
dealing with this question and seeking to model the database after its
informational content (i.e. modeling the database after how DNA stores
information)?  And if so, can you please direct me to the appropriate

          Thank you,

Stephanie Gerson
sgerson at stanfordalumni.org
(c) 415.871.5683


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