[BiO BB] Generate Quaternary structure of protein from monomer

Joachim Reichelt Reichelt at gbf.de
Fri Mar 4 04:05:14 EST 2005

Subhash Agarwal schrieb:

>Hi all
>As James and Boris have written that the solution they
>are able to provide depends on the knowledge of the
>user with regards to progam O and understanding of
>crystallography. So i would like to say that neither i
>have used program O before nor i am cryatallographer.
>So making things difficult for me.
>While Dr.Nagasuma Chandra writes that i need to be
>sure that whether my model has the same quaternary
>arrangement as my template or not. Sir in this regard
>i would like to say that the sequence (Query) i have
>picked for modelling has known function
>(experimentally characterised) and for the same the
>template are avaliable and therfore i started working
>on this protein. 
>My need to generate the quaternary structure is due to
>reason that i need to observe the active site in the
>generated model. Also u state that " it is relatively
>simple to apply the translational and rotational
>matrices to obtain a multimer". Can u tell me how will
>u suggest me to do this.
>Moreover if any of u feels that should mail pdb of
>generated model and the PDB id of template used, that
>can also be done by me.
>Also i am thankful to everybody as u r trying to help
>me by responding. Please continue to provide support.
>Subhash Agarwal 
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Perhaps you should try to use BRAGI http://bragi.gbf.de
It can create all crystallographic neighbors of a given PDB ID
without special knowledge of the user.

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