[BiO BB] Seperation of Protein PDB into multiple units having binding sites

Kalidas Yeturu ykalidas at gmail.com
Sat Sep 23 19:15:19 EDT 2006

Hello Everyone
 I am working on protein binding sites. I am not yet very much familiar with
terminology - subunits,domains etc.,

 My work requires obtaining/splitting a protein PDB into various structural
units such that each has binding site.
 For example 1A4G neuraminidase has two structural units - chain A and chain
B both having binding sites.
 But splitting a PDB based on chain-id alone, may not always be correct.
Some manually curated database would be better.

 I would be grateful if anyone can cite a database where protein-PDB files
corresponding to structural units having binding sites are provided for each

Thanking You

Kalidas Y
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