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This  is a bit off topic but, in reply to this request for chapters,

>	 Digital Ecosystems and Business Intelligence, Curtin University of 

let me cite an earlier  post I made:


Those of you looking for interesting things to do may want to look
at the recent action surrounding Dendreon. They have questionable clinical
data and confusing results regarding the MOA of their cancer vaccine.  The 
value of
the company depends of course on determining if their product actually does
anything and how to best optimize and generalize the approach. There has 
little additional science from the company and the method is reasonably well
disclosed in some patents.

So, there could be opportunities here for someone to prove that their 
works or doesn't work based on identification of the precise MOA.


Business intelligence in this case could be some blast searches and epitope 
predictions :)

The immediate concern from the FDA was clinical data but a precise MOA could 
why some patients responded and others didn't. Modelling of prognostic 
factors and
disease trajectory, indepedent of the MOA, could also be interesting 
areas with immediate commercial application.

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>Call for Book Chapters
>Biomedical Data and Applications
>Editors: Amandeep S. Sidhu, Tharam S. Dillon, Elizabeth Chang
>	 Digital Ecosystems and Business Intelligence, Curtin University of 
>Perth, Australia
>Volume: Studies in Computational Intelligence Series
>Publisher: Springer

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