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*ISCB-SC Regional Student Group in INDIA

ISCB-SC Regional Student Group for India (RSG-India) welcomes you to the
Indian wing of ISCB-Student Council. RSG-India is an ISCB-SC initiative to
provide a platform for students to gain exposure in the field of
computational biology.

RSG-INDIA was initiated by  Saraswathi S., of ISCB-SC with the help of many
volunteer student delegates who showed great interest in forming this group.
RSG-India was formed with the blessings of Dr Michael Gribskov, Chairman
ISCB, during the 5th International Conference on Bioinformatics (INCOB 2006,
Dec18th-20th) held at The Ashok, New Delhi


RSG-INDIA, in its current form is looking forward to expand its member base
and attain sustainability. It has adopted the mission of ISCB-SC to develop
next generation pioneers in the field of computational biology.

*Benefits and Services*

·        RSG-INDIA will be on the lookout for training opportunities in the
form of college projects and internships for young enthusiasts in the field
of computational biology.**

·        Nurture a network of contacts among students and with industries,
academics and local government that have an active interest in computational

·        Forum for discussion of the problems faced in projects and

·        Access to database of relevant contacts and information.

·        Free subscription to ISCB's quarterly newsletter.

This is a volunteer service provided *by students for the benefit of
students*. Hence we would like to enlist your cooperation and enthusiastic
participation in all the activities carried on by RSG-India.

The protem committee for structuring the RSG-INDIA has been formed with
Abhishek Pratap as the chairperson and N A. Arivarasu as the secretary.
After the formal setup of the group, there will be annual elections to elect
future leaders.

Abhishek Pratap

Protem Chairman

For Student Council:

Interim Group Website:

Abhishek Pratap
Third Year
School of Biotechnology & Chemical Eng
VIT University
Ph:   (91)-416-3206020
Mob: (91)-9843181010

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