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Felipe Albrecht felipe.albrecht at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 15:50:51 EST 2007


What I think:
 uses a bio-perl or bio-python, and the result of the blast search you
put into a hashtable structure and save it.
 Next time, you execute and compare iterating across the new result
set, for each result, you see if exist into previous search, if dont
exist, is a new sequences.

 For execute 2 approaches are possibles:
  put your script into cron or execute then like a deamon, and after
the job, you "[u]sleep(time)" the script.

 If a new sequence was found, you can sends a email to your local user
using "mail" software. The syntax I dont remember now and I'm using
windows now.

These are my 2 cents, if you want, we can talk by email and do this
script together.

Bye and good luck.

Felipe Albrecht

On 12/6/06, Johann JOETS <joets at moulon.inra.fr> wrote:
> Hi !
> I'm looking for software that can run blast search from time to time
> automatically and alert user when new homologous sequence appears. It
> would be better if it could be installed locally.
> Thanks for your suggestions !
> Regards.
> Johann JOETS
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