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Dennis Livesay drlivesa at email.uncc.edu
Thu Jan 25 11:02:37 EST 2007

Dear Colleague, 

I am writing to let you know that Chemistry Central Journal, a revolutionary
open access peer-reviewed, online journal, has been launched and is now
accepting submissions. As a journal section editor (you can see the
editorial board here <http://journal.chemistrycentral.com/edboard/>) I
sincerely hope that you will consider submitting your next manuscript to the

Chemistry Central Journal <http://journal.chemistrycentral.com/> is the
first international open access journal that covers all of chemistry. The
journal covers research in all areas of chemistry, including analytical,
biological, environmental, industrial, inorganic, organic, physical and
theoretical chemistry as well as materials science, and is divided into over
fifty subject areas <http://journal.chemistrycentral.com/info/sections/>. Of
particular interest to this audience may be the Biochemistry,
Biomacromolecules, Biotechnology, and Cheminformatics/Molecular Modeling
subject areas.

Chemistry Central Journal offers rapid, high quality peer-review, an
efficient online submission process, no color charges or limits on the
number of figures, and immediate publication upon acceptance. Figures can be
submitted in ChemDraw (.CDX) or ISIS/Draw (.TGF) file formats. Chemistry
Central Journal is working with PubChem in order that structures are
deposited directly into the database. All articles will be deposited in
PubMed Central, and will therefore be automatically linked into PubChem.

Chemistry Central Journal is published by Chemistry Central
<http://www.chemistrycentral.com/>, part of BioMed Central Ltd, the
pioneering biomedical open access publisher.

In order to cover the cost of publication while allowing articles to be
fully open access, an article-processing charge
<http://journal.chemistrycentral.com/info/faq/apcfaq.asp> (currently £800)
is payable for articles accepted for publication in the journal. If the
submitting author's organization is a BioMed Central member
<http://www.biomedcentral.com/info/about/instmembership>, the cost of the
article processing charge is covered by the membership, and no further
charge is payable. For authors whose institutions are supporter members
<http://www.biomedcentral.com/info/about/supportersmembership> of BioMed
Central a discounted article processing charge is payable by the author.

Chemistry Central Journal is now accepting submissions
<http://journal.chemistrycentral.com/manuscript>, and expects to publish its
first articles soon. Please submit your manuscript via the online submission
<http://journal.chemistrycentral.com/manuscript/login/man.asp?txt_nav=chk >

For more information about the journal you can contact me, or visit the
journal website <http://journal.chemistrycentral.com/home/> or consult the
information for authors
<http://journal.chemistrycentral.com/info/instructions/>. To keep up to date
with the latest articles from Chemistry Central Journal, why not register
<http://journal.chemistrycentral.com/register> to receive article alerts
<http://journal.chemistrycentral.com/alerts/> when new research is

Yours sincerely,
Dennis Livesay

Dr. Dennis R. Livesay
Associate Professor
Bioinformatics | Computer Science
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Phone: 704.687.7995; Fax: 704.687.6610

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