[Bio-Linux] Web proxies and Yum

Dan Swan dswan at ceh.ac.uk
Fri May 7 05:23:37 EDT 2004

Hi All,

It has been pointed out recently that if your instituion has a web proxy 
for outgoing web traffic then your Yum updates might not be running.

If you have a web-proxy then it is most likely you will have had to set 
this in Mozilla's preferences, or in your GeneSpring preferences in some 

Yum has no configuration option for proxy servers, and as it works on 
the same ports as your web browser will not work if you require a proxy set.

In order to force Yum to use a proxy take the following steps:

First you need to know what your proxy server is, and which port it is 
running on.  In this example we will use:


as our "pretend proxy"  You will need to find your own proxy setting. 
8080 is a common proxy port.

This will need to be set up in /usr/software/bioenvrc

1) Log in as manager
2) Edit /usr/software/bioenvrc with your favourite text editor
3) add this line somewhere:

export http_proxy=http://proxy.someuni.ac.uk:8080/

4) Save the file, log out, log in as manager
5) sudo yum update

Thanks to Hazel for bringing this issue to our attention.


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