[Bio-Linux] Fast remote desktop for Bio-Linux using FreeNX

Tony Travis ajt at rri.sari.ac.uk
Mon Nov 28 06:04:05 EST 2005

Tim Booth wrote:
> Hi All,
> Nic here suggested trying FreeNX for remote connections into
> Bio-Linux machines.  The system promises a full-speed remote desktop
> even over a home broadband connection, has clients for Windows, Mac
> and Linux and is available at no cost.  I tried it myself this
> weekend and was very impressed.  If you are running remote
> applications on a Bio-Linux machine and finding them slow, then
> FreeNX may be the answer.  It also allows you to run a remote session
> on a Windows machine without installing software like Exceed.  I have
> put instructions on how to set it up on our website:

Hello, Tim.

I've set up Bio-Linux under Debian Sarge with XDMCP and VNC: You can get 
a Bio-Linux desktop using either the Microsoft Windows VNC viewer, or in 
a web browser window using the Java VNC viewer applet. Performance is 
excellent on 2Mb broadband - I'm using a web browser at the moment to 
run GAP4. I'm using 'TightVNC':


Instructions about setting up VNC under XDMCP are attached. You need to 
tunnel port 5901 (VNC) through port 22 (SSH) to use VNC through a 
firewall, and you also need to tunnel port 80 (HTTP) through 22 (SSH) if 
you want to use the Java applet in a web browser through a firewall. BTW 
these 'complications' are necessary to ensure security for external use, 
but are not needed within a firewall.

Best wishes,

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