[BioBrew Users] Biobrew vs Biolinux vs Rocks

Chris Beck cbeck at gene.concordia.ca
Fri Jan 30 10:42:41 EST 2004

Perfect.  Your work is greatly appreciated.  By me at least :)

It is whispered that Glen Otero was heard, on or about 1/30/2004 12:31 
AM to say:

> I've given this a lot of thought and I think I'll be able to make 
> everyone happy.
> BioBrew is based on Rocks for cluster installation and management, but 
> we're moving into new areas, like using VMI as a virtual messaging 
> layer for message passing over multiple interconnects, and a few other 
> goodies. Since some folks may not want to go the VMI route, or embrace 
> some of the future changes we'll be making, I plan on producing a 
> BioBrew roll. The BioBrew roll will be compatible with Rocks so people 
> can use vanilla Rocks and just grab the BioBrew roll from our site. 
> I'll probably be able to host the BioBrew roll at the Rocks site as 
> well. But as for the BioBrew cluster distro, the BioBrew roll will 
> always be integrated, since that is the idea. Future 
> neurochemogeophysio rolls will have the same architecture--available 
> as an individual roll and as an integrated distro. The roll mechanism 
> is a great way to develop and distribute software, and I plan to take 
> full advantage of it. I hope to work with Dan to increase the features 
> of BioBrew by incorporating any RPMs he has built into BioBrew. Of 
> course, Dan can have any of our SRPMs for Bio-Linux. I've also 
> proposed to him that we pool our individual SRPMs and use them to seed 
> another project of mine at bioinformatics.org, the Biopackage 
> repository, so that folks can just grab an individual SRPM and build 
> it themselves.
> Glen

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