[BioBrew Users] Biobrew vs Biolinux vs Rocks

Glen Otero gotero at linuxprophet.com
Fri Jan 30 00:31:34 EST 2004

I've given this a lot of thought and I think I'll be able to make 
everyone happy.

BioBrew is based on Rocks for cluster installation and management, but 
we're moving into new areas, like using VMI as a virtual messaging 
layer for message passing over multiple interconnects, and a few other 
goodies. Since some folks may not want to go the VMI route, or embrace 
some of the future changes we'll be making, I plan on producing a 
BioBrew roll. The BioBrew roll will be compatible with Rocks so people 
can use vanilla Rocks and just grab the BioBrew roll from our site. 
I'll probably be able to host the BioBrew roll at the Rocks site as 
well. But as for the BioBrew cluster distro, the BioBrew roll will 
always be integrated, since that is the idea. Future 
neurochemogeophysio rolls will have the same architecture--available as 
an individual roll and as an integrated distro. The roll mechanism is a 
great way to develop and distribute software, and I plan to take full 
advantage of it. I hope to work with Dan to increase the features of 
BioBrew by incorporating any RPMs he has built into BioBrew. Of course, 
Dan can have any of our SRPMs for Bio-Linux. I've also proposed to him 
that we pool our individual SRPMs and use them to seed another project 
of mine at bioinformatics.org, the Biopackage repository, so that folks 
can just grab an individual SRPM and build it themselves.


On Jan 28, 2004, at 2:01 PM, Chris Beck wrote:

> Would it be opening up a can of worms to revisit the discussions from 
> last August relating biobrew to rocks?  They seem to be going the way 
> you wanted with your neurobiomathphygeobrew idea ... a base rock 
> install and then various rolls.  Have you given any thought to 
> creating a Rocks BioRoll in addition to/instead of biobrew?
> Does it make sense for you and Dan to discuss options that biolinux 
> has chosen and allow those as options on a FE install?
> I'm just asking because I see all three projects as being very 
> valuable to the research community and would love it if everyone 
> played together in a fashion that allowed us to easily benefit from 
> _all_ of your hard work -- instead of just some of it as might be the 
> case if we don't have the expertise/time to sort and merge ourselves.
> Of course I can completely understand that if building a whole distro 
> is more interesting to you than just a chunk I would rather there were 
> too many choices than too few.
> Oh yeah, and thanks to Dan and Glen
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