[BioBrew Users] Installation problem of BioBrew0.9 and 1.0.

Xing,Heming Heming.Xing at dds.criver.com
Thu Jun 10 15:46:42 EDT 2004

Hi everyone:
I installed a BioBrew0.9 cluster with 5 compute nodes half a year ago.
Recently, I got three more machines I want to add to the cluster. They are
Intel Desktop Board D865GBF/D865GLC based P4 with 1 GB RAM.  When I tried to
install from PXE or from CD-ROM, I got the error message says:" install
exited abnormally-received signal 11." Then it send termination signals and
informs me that I can safely reboot. I also tried BioBrew1.0 the same error
message comes up. Do you guys have any suggestions? Or do you know what
could be the cause of the problem? 
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