[BioBrew Users] Need help in configuring /pvfs-meta (pvfs 1.6.2)

kenix y justbeforeme at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 18 22:17:55 EDT 2004


I was trying to install and configure the pvfs-meta server on the master 
node using this command :
[root at frontend-0 /pvfs-meta]# /usr/local/bin/mkmgrconf

And all went well till i reached :
Enter the I/O nodes: (can use form node1, node2, ... or

Of which i entered :
frontend-0, compute-0-0

After which it will either hang or response with "Out of memory".
Had anyone gone through this before?


>From: Glen Otero <gotero at linuxprophet.com>
>Reply-To: BioBrew-Users at bioinformatics.org
>To: BioBrew-Users at bioinformatics.org
>Subject: Re: [BioBrew Users] Need help  in configuring /pvfs-meta (pvfs 
>Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 08:31:27 -0700
>Can you give me more information on where you were in the cluster install 
>when you ran into this problem?
>On Jun 17, 2004, at 11:47 PM, kenix y wrote:
>>I keep getting "Out of memory" or else my computer hang when I reach this 
>>line "Enter the I/O nodes: (can use form node1, node2, ... or 
>>What I entered was frontend-0, compute-0-0.
>>Anyone knows what's wrong?
>>Thanks in advance,
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