[BioBrew Users] post installation?

Kip Lubliner kip at camelot.mssm.edu
Tue Mar 2 11:36:54 EST 2004


You should start with the rocks user manual, specifically



Soumyadeep nandi wrote:

>Hi Everybody,
>Thrilled to have installed BioBrew. It looks like the
>base for exactly what we want. Would like R etc...but
>more of that later.
>We are more or less familiar with all the (Bio)
>packages that constitute BioBrew, and have run HMMER
>using pvm strung over a cluster of workstations...but 
>We have never used Rocks. So though installation went
>without any hiccups - the frontend and compute nodes
>boot  smoothly, we cannot access anything easily : No
>http access to the frontend for the homepage or (web)
>blast. We identified the BioBrew packages to the
>Can we have some pointers to:
>1. Setting up the lam-mpi and pvm environments
>2. Activating Apache to allow access to the frontend
>3. Testing the cluster
>4. Running the biobrew packages (Do we just have to
>add the directories to the path?)
>5. Is there a x-windows based browser as part of the
>Soumyadeep Nandi
>Bioinformatics Center
>Jawaharlal Nehru University
>New Delhi
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