[BioBrew Users] Fixed modulefiles RPM or source?

Humberto Ortiz Zuazaga humberto at hpcf.upr.edu
Fri Oct 15 08:28:15 EDT 2004

Glen Otero <glen at callident.com> wrote:

> > export MODULEPATH=${MODULEPATH:+$MODULEPATH:}/opt/BioBrew/modulefiles
> This syntax looks a little weird to me. Shouldn't this read:
> > export MODULEPATH=${MODULEPATH:+$MODULEPATH}:/opt/BioBrew/modulefiles
> (with the colon outside the braces)?

No, we're trying to avoid the path having a colon if it only has 1
component. Look at the ganglia-binaries.sh, for example.

Glen Otero <glen at callident.com> wrote:

> Modules doesn't put the apps in your execution path
> automatically. They are be used to switch between multiple versions of
> an application.

Yes, like Oscar's switcher program, except switcher *does* put the apps
in your execution path.

Anyway, here's a chunk from /opt/BioBrew/modulefiles/wise/2.2.0:

prepend-path    PATH            /opt/BioBrew/wise/2.2.0/bin
prepend-path    WISECONFIGDIR   /opt/BioBrew/wise/2.2.0/wisecfg

It looks to me like it's trying to put wise on my path, I just don't
know what program is supposed to be reading these modulefiles.

Humberto Ortiz Zuazaga
High Performance Computing facility
University of Puerto Rico

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