[BioBrew Users] Compiling with BioBrew EMBOSS

Jeremy Mann jeremymann at gmail.com
Tue May 23 11:31:29 EDT 2006

I've installed the EMBOSS-libs and EMBOSS-devel packages and I'm
trying to compile EMNU against it. The problem is the configure script
runs embossversion and it inserts the InstallDirectory variable for
embprefix which is /var/tmp/EMBOSS-build. I can't seem to get around
this. I've tried to edit the two Makefiles for EMNU and I've tried
compiling it in 64 and 32 bit modes. The 64bit mode errors because it
can't link against the 32bit static libs and the 32bit mode errors

emnu.o(.text+0x1a58): In function `populate_program_menus':
: undefined reference to `ajListIterRead'
emnu.o(.text+0x1a63): In function `populate_program_menus':
: undefined reference to `ajListIterNext'
emnu.o(.text+0x1a76): In function `populate_program_menus':
: undefined reference to `ajStrLen'

and on and on.

Thanks for any help!


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