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Alexander Griekspoor mek at mekentosj.com
Fri Aug 13 13:42:12 EDT 2004

I fully agree on this John, still I would plea for implementing the 
NSCoding protocol as well, as it makes sure that our objects are 
storable as objects as well, often this makes it easier to save if 
you're not interested in exchange. In addition, it brings compatibility 
with a number of other Cocoa methods as a bonus.

>  Actually, I’d argue against having this be the primary way we store 
> things.  Coding is a way of storing objects, and is only useful to 
> other Cocoa programs.  What I’d like to create is a format that’s also 
> useful outside of BioCocoa, so that it’s useful on other platforms, 
> using other frameworks, in other programming languages, etc.

For the primary way of storing things we indeed need some way of text 
like storing. I would strongly argue in favour of using XML for this as 
it is (considered to be) the future. That would also play nicely with 
CoreData and storage in databases.

>  By the way, I notice I’m presenting a lot of arguments for or against 
> things.  I want to make sure that those who do not have English as 
> their primary language recognize that when I use the term “argue” I 
> mean it in the sense of presenting a compelling reason, rather than 
> the sense of  getting in an upset yelling match ;)

I would like to copy this especially as I am not a native speaker, 
which could lead even easier to misunderstanding of my sentences (that 
in addition to the fact as I'm know for writing remarks that often 
sound cynical ;-)
I would like just like to add that I very much enjoy our discussions we 
have, in particular that everyone can say whatever he likes or doesn't 
like about the discussion points brought up. It's nice to be part of 
the enthusiastic team we have seen so far!


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