[Biococoa-dev] Nomenclature

John Timmer jtimmer at bellatlantic.net
Thu Aug 19 12:39:48 EDT 2004

An idea on init options -

My sense is that when you can't create anything useful without a full set of
information about what you're creating, the best thing to do is make an
"initWithDictionary" method, and document the format of the dictionary
required.  I think this will be true for pretty much all our individual
BCSymbols - certainly, it's true for bases and amino acids.

For a basic "init" call, maybe we could just return a non-base or non-amino
acid item?

> I am confused by your use of symbolString. I think it is the same what
> I used for 'name', but I am not sure. Or did you mean this:
> unichar symbol  // 'C'
> NSString *symbolString // @"C"
> NSString *name // @"Cytidine"
> Let's make sure we are using the same definitions.

Ah, I see the problem.  For name, I used the full chemical name (ie -
adenosine, cysteine).  For the symbol, I used the one letter code.  Which
way do people think makes more sense?

> Also, make sure that your BCNucleotideDNA class is a subclass of
> BCSymbol, not NSObject.
It should have been done - if it wasn't please let me know.

The new account seems to work fine (thanks, Peter!), so I'm going to try to
set up CVS with the MAIN branch now.  Or I may just spend time reading the
man page for CVS....



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