[Biococoa-dev] CVS

John Timmer jtimmer at bellatlantic.net
Thu Aug 19 13:26:04 EDT 2004

Okay, I followed the email Alex sent a while back, and I did manage to get
CVS to work.

The problem I'm having now is that the project won't build, and can't seem
to find some of its files (several were red, and when re-found with the "get
info" panel, can't be imported by other files).

I'd also like to know which version I should be editing.  I seem to be on
version 1.3, but the release version is 1.5.  I checked, but no other
versions seem to show up in the SCM dialogs.

Please forgive my newbie-ness.  It will all pay off in the end, I'm sure...



This mind intentionally left blank

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