[Biococoa-dev] CVS

Koen van der Drift kvddrift at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 19 19:08:24 EDT 2004

When I was committing stuff, I did everything from the commandline, 
only a few days ago I got CVS and Xcode working. So when I made that 
subfolder, I did that from the commandline. Just as everyone else, this 
whole CVS thing is pretty new to me :)

I posted a good link on CVS a few weeks ago on this list. I'll look 
later tonight, now my kids need to take a bath.

- Koen.

On Aug 19, 2004, at 6:37 PM, John Timmer wrote:

> I don't know what to suggest on the error below, but most things seem 
> to be
> working okay for me at the moment.
> I haven't updated the CVS project to fix the missing files problem, 
> since
> I'm not sure I should be mucking around too much with the main branch. 
>  The
> other reason I'm not doing that is that the files I've exported are 
> meant to
> go in subfolders, and I'm storing them there on my local copy, but 
> using
> Xcode to export them sends them to the root directory.  Koen, you seem 
> to
> have gotten subfolders to work - any advice on this?  The other 
> question I
> have is in terms of deleting files - I've renamed my utils to 
> emphasize that
> it works with strings and exported the new version -  now both copies 
> are
> there.
> I know I could read up on CVS and probably sort things out, but it 
> seems
> that Xcode does its own thing in order to provide compatibility with 
> three
> different code management systems, so I'm not sure anything I discover 
> would
> apply.
> Once I figure out how to push files to the right locations and delete 
> older
> copies, I'll push the changes I've made back to the repository, and we 
> can
> (hopefully) get everyone on the same page.
>> Arghh, this whole CVS stuff in Xcode is driving me mad....
>> I had it working, but now if I try to repeat the stuff I get the
>> following error:
>> cvs server: WARNING: global `-l' option ignored.
>> ? build
>> ? BioCocoa.pbproj/griek.mode1
>> cvs [update aborted]: -t/-f wrappers not supported by this version of
>> CVS
>> What now?!!?
>> Anyway, it seems the main branch when I do a checkout, and still have
>> the red files.
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