[Biococoa-dev] CVS

John Timmer jtimmer at bellatlantic.net
Thu Aug 19 23:48:38 EDT 2004

Okay, currently if you do a clean checkout, you get a project with no
missing files and no errors during build.  I've rearranged the folder
structure a bit and moved a lot of things into sub-folders (I'm thinking of
creating a "Resources" folder, too).  Given the number of changes and the
new folder structure, I'd recommend doing a clean checkout (of course,
keeping a separate copy around in case you've got internal changes you
haven't committed).

My general take on things is that Xcode's CVS interface handles everything
other than folder structures - by default, it puts any new files at the root
level, regardless of where they actually are.  Given that, it's best to deal
with placing the new folders and the files in them into the CVS repository
from the command line (thanks for the link, Koen!).  The process looks like:
    create folders and nested files in the Finder/Xcode
    close the project
    add them to the repository in the command line
    reopen the project - everything should just work
I've made the groups in the project reflect the directory structure (it
makes the most sense), but the groups don't necessarily reflect the folder
structure - they're stored internally in the project file, and that needs to
be updated for changes in grouping to stick.

That's what works tonight, at least.

The downside of all of this is that I did a LOT of individual commits to
making sure things were working at intermediate steps, so many files went up
a few versions.

> Well, I'm European, but live in NC. But go ahead with the cleanup. I
> won't have much time to do anything tonight.
Ah, I was wondering whether Earthlink had a European business.  Are you at
Duke with Jim?

Your source repository janitor -


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