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Alexander Griekspoor mek at mekentosj.com
Fri Aug 27 03:17:44 EDT 2004

Hi John,

Wow, the conversion is really fast, this is really promising! I tested 
it with 67kb, no problem, conversion within half a second on my 1Ghz 
G4.... I got one exception now. If you try to convert the string (easy 
to use in debugging): ACGTNWMYRKHVDB-?
You get two exceptions:
2004-08-27 09:07:20.075 demo_app[1121] *** +[BCNucleotideDNA Y]: 
selector not recognized
2004-08-27 09:07:43.000 demo_app[1121] *** +[BCNucleotideDNA R]: 
selector not recognized
Guess, you will know immediately where something is lacking (plist?).

Finally, I guess it's easy to add the following methods in addition to 
complement and reverse complement:
- (BCSequenceDNA *) reverseOfSequence;
- (BCSequenceDNA *) uppercaseSequence;
- (BCSequenceDNA *) lowercaseSequence;

I'm not sure if the "Of" in the method name is necessary here, because 
it doesn't take a parameter right?
[theSequence reverseSequence] sounds more logical than [theSequence 
reverseOfSequence], in the latter case I question myself: wchich 
sequence? It would even be fine to call [theSequence reverse] but that 
would suggest that you change the current sequence, while 
reverseSequence describes the method better as we return a new sequence 


Op 27-aug-04 om 5:07 heeft John Timmer het volgende geschreven:

>>> Ps. Why having the demo_app in a separate project instead of what
>>> Peter did for his sequence converter, have a separate target within
>>> the BioCocoa framework. I think it would be nice to have all these
>>> things in one project as we can make subfolder in the project as 
>>> well.
>>> But perhaps this becomes to complex in the end, it depends on what 
>>> and
>>> how many demo_apps we ship along with the project.
>> I like that idea too. We can have a few Tabs with various options,
>> translate, digest, etc.
> As requested, I've checked in a new project that has a separate target 
> for
> the demo app.  It builds nicely after a clean checkout.  I think I got 
> all
> of its files, but I'm not positive at this point
> John
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