[Biococoa-dev] more ramblings

John Timmer jtimmer at bellatlantic.net
Wed Dec 1 13:58:41 EST 2004

>>> If we add code to a wrapper that checks if the type of sequence then I
>>> don't see any problem. If the sequence type by accident is the wrong
>>> one (which I really don't think is going to happen), the wrapper
>>> should
>>> return nil, or an error, or an NSNotification. Hope that's more clear.
>> You haven't coded for actual users much have you?  ;).
>> You'd be amazed at
>> the seemingly impossible situations they generate on a regular basis -
>> anything can and will happen.
> That's quite a bold statement IMHO, in addition if your users do
> impossible things, rethink your interface I would suggest...
> Plus, we're not talking about end users here anyway...

Just a joke!  I thought the wink made that clear.  I was just struck by the
statement "(which I really don't think is going to happen)" - I've thought
that many times and been amazed at how often some of those things happened.

Anyway, no offense was meant, and I hope none was taken.


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