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Peter Schols peter.schols at bio.kuleuven.ac.be
Fri Dec 10 05:09:58 EST 2004


The BioCocoa updates you are seeing now are indeed intended for the 
resubmission of a paper I submitted last year, when BioCocoa was at 
1.1. I have already informed some people about this 'special version' 
but I haven't had a chance to send an announcement to the list yet, so 
I'll do it now ;-)

- The 1.6 version you are seeing for download on the BioCocoa homepage 
is an updated version of BioCocoa 1.1. So it does not use the new 
architecture yet. In other words, it still uses NSStrings and 
NSDictionaries in stead of BCSequences and the like. So this new 
version only converts between multiple sequence/phylogeny file formats, 
which was the first goal of the original BioCocoa.

- The major new additions to this version are support for the following 
file formats: Nona, TNT, Hennig86, Beast and Plain.

- This 1.6 version is 100% GNUstep compliant, and as a consequence it 
runs well on Windows and Linux (with a working installation of GNUstep, 
of course). The lack of a Windows and Linux versions was one of the 
main issues the reviewers had with the first version.

- None of the changes or additions in this version have been added to 
the BC repository yet. Of course I'll do this, but not before testing 
them a bit more and changing the I/O methods to use BCSequences (or 
BCSequenceWrappers or whatever we will be using by then).

Best wishes,

On 09 Dec 2004, at 23:39, Alexander Griekspoor wrote:

> Very nice indeed, Peter told me already he was preparing the release 
> which is indeed for his revised paper. He also asked me to test the 
> webservice which functions very well (although I rather build my own 
> app ;-) He still has to update the bioinformatics homepage to reflect 
> the latest version (it still list 1.5), and after that he'll probably 
> tell us what's new in this release. He also told me he will bring all 
> the new file formats to the new framework of course....
> Congrats Peter!
> Alex
> Op 9-dec-04 om 23:32 heeft Koen van der Drift het volgende geschreven:
>> Hi,
>> It looks like Peter released a new version of the original BioCocoa 
>> on the website (v 1.6). I guess this is for his publication, because 
>> it includes a Linux and Windows version. There is now also a link to 
>> a web-based conversion tool.
>> http://bioinformatics.org/biococoa/
>> - Koen.
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