[Biococoa-dev] the decorator pattern

Alexander Griekspoor mek at mekentosj.com
Sat Sep 11 10:32:41 EDT 2004

> Yep, go ahead. Other things on my wishlist:
> rename StringAdditions to BCUtilString
I'll do that
> put the original BCReader et al in a separate folder named BCFiles or 
> something like that
Did that  ;-)
> rename Translation to BCTranslation
That as well
> should BCUtilTranslation be in BCTranslation or BCUtils?
> maybe we can have a folder BCTools with subfolders BCUtils, 
> BCTranslation, BCDigest, etc ?
Something like that would indeed be handy... I'll see what I can come 
up with.
> make sure the folder structure in the project corresponds to that in 
> the Xcode project.
That's the plan indeed!

If anything else comes up, let me know...

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