[BioCocoa-dev] NEW VERSION

John Timmer jtimmer at bellatlantic.net
Tue Sep 21 15:44:26 EDT 2004

Alex -

Calm down, it's not so bad (mostly because I did read the emails).  I didn't
add files in any places they shouldn't.  I simply over-wrote the new #import
statements.  They still exist in the previous revision, and getting them
back is as simple as comparing the current and previous versions in
FileMerge and carefully choosing the two versions.  I finished up about
three classes while waiting on hold.  I'll be done in a half hour or so.

You should see how much code I added - it's well worth a momentary hiccup.


> grrr. some people just don't read the lines even if you make them bold,
> size 24pts....
> ok, try to fix the stuff, and for gods sake take a good look at the new
> folder hierarchy both in the CVS and the XCode project!
> And again folks as we have some spare folders around, use the prune
> option when doing a fresh checkout.
> I'll send you a zip file containing the project as it should be before
> you checked in for comparison.
> Great to hear of the BCSequenceCodon stuff now being fully functional!
>  From my side I have good and bad news as well, our website that I have
> been working on for many weeks already is nearing completion, and I
> hope to finish it this weekend, after which I will focus on BioCocoa
> more. Unfortunately, that means that the empty BCSymbolSet and
> BCScanner will stay empty for another week or so. But it's first on the
> list.
> OK, to prevent these things from happening in the future, let us all
> first finish reading the emails that have been sent to the mailinglist
> after returning from a break-away period before committing any personal
> changes made in the meantime.

This mind intentionally left blank

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