[Biococoa-dev] relative paths in headers

Charles PARNOT charles.parnot at stanford.edu
Wed Feb 16 03:02:44 EST 2005

I was trying to use the framework in another project when I found 
this caused some compiling failures. The reason is the compiler 
parses the header files in the framework and was seeing things like:
	#import "../BCSequenceTool.h"
but when compiler in another project, the compiler only sees the list 
of header files in the Header directory of the framework bundle, so 
it is all flat and does not find the header file.

The fix is to remove the directory '..' and just have
	#import "BCSequenceTool.h"
or this seems OK too:
	#import <BioCocoa/BCSequenceTool.h>

Now, the other project does compile fine with this set of header 
files in the BioCocoa framework.
Importantly, despite the absence of the '..', the compiler can also 
still find the header file when compiling BioCocoa itself.

I commited the modifs to get things to work (~a dozen classes).

I am not entirely sure of the fix I did, so let me know if you know better.


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