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John Timmer jtimmer at bellatlantic.net
Wed Feb 16 08:31:52 EST 2005

I hadn't planned on going - it's rather expensive, and I'd be shocked if I
could convince anyone at either my current or former institutions that it's
worth their money to send me.  As it is, my seed key just expired and I have
to go and beg for a new one later today.  That said, I'd love the chance to
go, and I have a lot of friends in the area left over from grad school, so
the housing at least would be cheap.

Incidentally, I've been building a CoreData application - I'm probably about
a quarter of the way done with the basics, so I think I've got a decent
grasp of it.  If we're interested in transitioning to that, it's going to
take a bunch of fundamental changes to the basic classes.  If people are
interested, I can look over the non-NDA'd material and try to describe some
of the issues.


> Hi guys,
> Yesterday the date of WWDC2005 was announced (6-10 june) and Tom and I
> will definitely go again (very addictive). Although I haven't
> contributed much in the past month because of you know why, I have been
> walking around with this idea that I would like to get your opinion on.
> Wouldn't it be great if we could organize a get together at the WWDC,
> meet each other in real, learn all about the new stuff in tiger (i.e.
> what opportunities will Core Data give us in combination with
> BioCocoa), and discuss/work together on the framework. I think it would
> be a perfect opportunity to both boost the development progress and set
> out the future directions/trajectory we have in mind.
> Now my gut feeling says that:
> - Me and Tom will go for sure (that wasn't to difficult to feel) and
> will apply for a scholarship for admission and travel sponsorship from
> the institute
> - Peter can go for the scholarship as well, but perhaps joins the
> Belgian Apple group again ?
> - Charles are you going because of the xgrid stuff again? Do you have
> an invitation?
> - Jim was there last time, are you going again?
> - And then there are Koen and John, did you guys have any plans in
> going already?
> So the question is, does any of you already know for sure they're going
> and who would be interested in going and join in a BioCocoa meeting?
> Who would be interested but has (financial) considerations that will
> make it unlikely to come?
> The reason for asking is that if we all like the idea, I'm want to try
> to convince the people at Apple I met last year to perhaps
> sponsor/co-organize this event. Therefore I would like to know who
> would like to come but needs to pay the 1600$ admission fee if he does
> so. I would like to see if its possible that Apple would sponsor those
> a free ticket to the WWDC.
> The second thing would be to ask if they're interested in having one of
> the lunch meetings being centered around BioCocoa. Last year there were
> quite some bio people there (including a guy from BioPerl), it would be
> nice to give a little presentation on the framework and discuss the
> plans and as such both attract new developers perhaps and warm up apple
> to support our initiative if they like it. Also, Apple is an official
> sponsor of the Open Bioinformatics Foundation (the mother organisation
> of BioJava, BioPerl etc), so I guess they are interested in a BioCocoa
> sibling.
> For those planning to visit WWDC already, I'm looking forward to meet
> you all! For those that didn't until now, let me know if you're
> interested and can free the week from the 6-10th of june. It would be
> great to have our first official BioCocoa meeting!
> Let me know what you think,
> Cheers,
> Alex
> Links:
> http://developer.apple.com/wwdc/
> http://www.mekentosj.com/events/wwdc04/
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