CoreDate (was: [Biococoa-dev] WWDC2005)

Charles PARNOT charles.parnot at
Wed Feb 16 20:08:40 EST 2005

>Incidentally, I've been building a CoreData application - I'm probably about
>a quarter of the way done with the basics, so I think I've got a decent
>grasp of it.  If we're interested in transitioning to that, it's going to
>take a bunch of fundamental changes to the basic classes.  If people are
>interested, I can look over the non-NDA'd material and try to describe some
>of the issues.

That sounds really exciting, and the little I have read about CoreData is still quite blurry and I can't quite grasp the fundamentals yet. That would be a nice way for everybody to also learn more about CoreData. What would CoreData bring, and what changes would be needed?


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