[Biococoa-dev] WWDC2005

Jim Balhoff james.balhoff at duke.edu
Wed Feb 16 09:54:22 EST 2005

I think a BioCocoa meeting at WWDC would be a great idea.  I'll be 
applying for a scholarship, but without that I'd have a hard time 
going.  Or maybe I could whip up an entry for the Apple Design Awards 
like you guys :-).  I'm hoping to get back into BioCocoa soon - my 
dissertation defense is coming up quickly.


On Feb 16, 2005, at 5:19 AM, Alexander Griekspoor wrote:

> Hi guys,
> Yesterday the date of WWDC2005 was announced (6-10 june) and Tom and I 
> will definitely go again (very addictive). Although I haven't 
> contributed much in the past month because of you know why, I have 
> been walking around with this idea that I would like to get your 
> opinion on. Wouldn't it be great if we could organize a get together 
> at the WWDC, meet each other in real, learn all about the new stuff in 
> tiger (i.e. what opportunities will Core Data give us in combination 
> with BioCocoa), and discuss/work together on the framework. I think it 
> would be a perfect opportunity to both boost the development progress 
> and set out the future directions/trajectory we have in mind.

James P. Balhoff
Dept. of Biology
Duke University
Durham, NC 27708-0338

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