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Alexander Griekspoor mek at
Fri Feb 18 04:15:52 EST 2005

>> I don't see the advantage of adding all sorts of views to the 
>> framework. I guess when users want to implement the sequence handling 
>> part they will create their own sequence viewers, etc. For instance, 
>> we supply the code to search for a subsequence, but how this is 
>> implemented in a window is up to the user. Every app is different, so 
>> will have different demands on the views it uses. That said, if we 
>> decide to add specialized views for users, maybe we can supply them 
>> as IB palettes?
> I think a simple BCSequenceView would be nice. Besides, we are not 
> forcing anybody to use it. But it can be useful for applications not 
> necessarily sequence-centric, like a pdb viewer that wants to display 
> sequences without too much code to add.
Exactly, I totally agree with Charles. We don't need a complete 
editing/vector dnastrider like view, but a simple sequenceview (with 
line numbers) is very nice. And I was also thinking more in the 
direction of for instance a standard entrez search window, like I will 
use in the upcoming enzymex update. Think on things like the 
Addressbook lookuppanel. And yes, that should become IB palettes...
> I am still unsure how bindings could be useful, but I trust Alex on 
> that and we will see what he comes up with (and I don't think there is 
> much we can do to slow him down now...).
Oh there are plenty of things that can (and will) slow me down ;-)

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