SCM update (was: [Biococoa-dev] Annotation)

Charles PARNOT charles.parnot at
Mon Feb 21 12:52:32 EST 2005

>Charles, somehow the changes you make are not picked up by my project. I see that files are updated in the SCM window, but the changes don't show up the source code. So far this only happens when the code changes are form Charles, I haven't seen it before. I checkedout a complete new project, but the problem remains. Anyone else has the same problem, and maybe knows how to fix it?

Sorry you already know the following... just in case: if the file show up in the SCM window, then you need to update them. If there is a 'U' in the SCM column, you just need to choose 'Update...from Latest' in the SCM menu or in the contextual menu. If there is a little 'C' it means you have made modifications to the version you had, but a new version has been commited since, in which case you may need to discard your changes and update (I am not sure how to merge).

That said, some of my latest commits were very small, so maybe you did not notice them? Did you try to 'Compare with...Revision...' in the SCM menu to see the changes?

The very last possibility is you have checked the box 'Ignore changes from Charles' in your Xcode prefs...;-)


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