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Alexander Griekspoor mek at mekentosj.com
Mon Feb 21 17:33:15 EST 2005

> Incidentally, I thought this came up ages ago, and it was Alex who 
> asked
> Peter about it then.  Maybe I'm hallucinating after too much time in a
> darkened microscope room?
Nope, absolutely not, you're right, in fact I have an email from Peter 
that he changed the license of the current biococoa to LGPL already, 
not sure if that's reflected in the current license file already, but 
at the time Peter was fine with it. Just wanted to inform and ask 
everyone though...

> Incidentally, what's the story for re-use of code?  A hypothetical:  
> If I
> were to write code for a commercial project, then donate some of that 
> code
> to BioCocoa, would I then have to go back and release the code for the
> entire commercial product?  Would I have to explicitly retain 
> copyright to
> the shared code to avoid this?  Hasn't been an issue yet, but if we do 
> go
> CoreData, I could see it becoming one.

Hmm, I don't get it, but that's probably me hallucinating after coding 
to long... ;-)

>> Just to inform everyone, a few days ago Phil contacted me with a
>> question about the WWDC. Of course, I couldn't resist asking him to
>> join the biococoa team ;-) He asked me if the framework could be
>> released as LGPL instead of GPL, which allows incorporation into
>> commercial products as long as the framework is unmodified. I told him
>> that I was not the one who could solely decide that of course and told
>> him to raise the question on his behalf on the list. I did say that I
>> would like to copy his request and that I basically see no problems
>> with changing the license as we have started from scratch and have no
>> legacy code with GPL license included anyway. But, fair enough this is
>> something we should decide upon together, and perhaps especially Peter
>> who started the project.
>> What's everybody's opinion on this?
>> Alex
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