[Biococoa-dev] Joining the team

John Timmer jtimmer at bellatlantic.net
Mon Feb 21 17:12:46 EST 2005

I have no problems with this.  If there are more options for decent software
available to me, I feel it's a good thing.  If BioCocoa can shorten the
development time and make for cheaper software than some of the outrageously
overpriced suites currently available, that's also a good thing.

If someone wants to take BioCocoa and make an outrageously overpriced bit of
software, then at least I know I have the same foundation to write something
that will undercut their price ;).

Incidentally, I thought this came up ages ago, and it was Alex who asked
Peter about it then.  Maybe I'm hallucinating after too much time in a
darkened microscope room?


Incidentally, what's the story for re-use of code?  A hypothetical:  If I
were to write code for a commercial project, then donate some of that code
to BioCocoa, would I then have to go back and release the code for the
entire commercial product?  Would I have to explicitly retain copyright to
the shared code to avoid this?  Hasn't been an issue yet, but if we do go
CoreData, I could see it becoming one.

> Just to inform everyone, a few days ago Phil contacted me with a
> question about the WWDC. Of course, I couldn't resist asking him to
> join the biococoa team ;-) He asked me if the framework could be
> released as LGPL instead of GPL, which allows incorporation into
> commercial products as long as the framework is unmodified. I told him
> that I was not the one who could solely decide that of course and told
> him to raise the question on his behalf on the list. I did say that I
> would like to copy his request and that I basically see no problems
> with changing the license as we have started from scratch and have no
> legacy code with GPL license included anyway. But, fair enough this is
> something we should decide upon together, and perhaps especially Peter
> who started the project.
> What's everybody's opinion on this?
> Alex

This mind intentionally left blank

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