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John Timmer jtimmer at bellatlantic.net
Wed Feb 23 08:39:16 EST 2005

I had a thought on handling the attributes last night.  One of the dangers
of allowing everything into an attribute is that cruft can build up and the
file size balloon, especially if a single sequence is shuffled between
applications.  It would be nice to have a formalized way of ensuring that a
minimal, informative sequence object can be created.  So, I suggest that we
code for three levels of information:

Base level:  minimum necessary to hold an attribute:  name, type, range,
notes.  Everything else is removed.  Guaranteed to work in any BC-based app.
App level: All objects are tested to determine whether the current
application has the class to work with is kept; everything else is removed.
Verbose level:  everything¹s there, whether it can be used or not.

This way, information that¹s been copied, dragged and dropped, etc. can
easily be streamlined in a way that¹s more appropriate for the receiving


> Ok, yes, I'm awake, and yes, I'm still sleepy. Indeed one of the benefits of
> the NSString as charles mentioned was that along the lines of the BSML format
> it's handy to have it as a string for archiving and stuff. That's the
> reason... Also, it's a method, not an accessor it generates the NSString upon
> request. BUT, what I can do of course is add a - classForName: method in
> addition, perhaps a better alternative.
> Cheers, and good morning,
> Alex  
> Ps. I realize this doesn't help reducing today's list traffic ;-)

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