[Biococoa-dev] Project Structure

Philipp Seibel biococoa at bioworxx.com
Wed Feb 23 14:06:33 EST 2005

i'm a bit unhappy with the current project structure. I think 
bioinformatics is a very widespread resarch field and so it's not very 
good to handle all this within two Framewoks (AppKit and Foundation). 
Look at Apple:

They have more than two Objective-C frameworks:

Foundation for the basics ( and only the basics !!!)
AppKit for basic ui stuff ( also basic !!! )
and now the special ones
AddressBook, PDFKit, WebKit and so on ....

but i think everybody knows what i'm talking about ..... so i stop here.

What i want to suggest is the following...

BCFoundation.framework ( for the base classes)
BCStatistics.framework ( HMMs, PCA, CA, and many many more )
  ..... as many as you can think ( e.g. ProteinStructure.framework )
BCAppKit.framework ( Basic UI )

and a BioCocoa.framework, which contains the headers of all other 

with this organisation we wouldn't need the folders in the filesystem, 
just groups and targets.

Just think about it .... perhaps i'm looking too far to the future


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