[Biococoa-dev] Project Structure

John Timmer jtimmer at bellatlantic.net
Wed Feb 23 14:50:45 EST 2005

I think in general it's a reasonable idea - separating out some of the
computation-heavy stuff would make the framework a bit more lightweight for
apps that don't need the full suite of tools (say, a plasmid mapping app).

The folder structure, however, I think is useful on a practical basis, in
that Xcode's CVS support isn't good enough, so we often have to do things by
hand.  Given that, a more modular directory structure makes the
hand-tweaking a bit more manageable.

Maybe Xcode 2 will be better in this regard.....


> i'm a bit unhappy with the current project structure. I think
> bioinformatics is a very widespread resarch field and so it's not very
> good to handle all this within two Framewoks (AppKit and Foundation).
> Look at Apple:
> They have more than two Objective-C frameworks:
> Foundation for the basics ( and only the basics !!!)
> AppKit for basic ui stuff ( also basic !!! )
> and now the special ones
> AddressBook, PDFKit, WebKit and so on ....
> but i think everybody knows what i'm talking about ..... so i stop here.
> What i want to suggest is the following...
> BCFoundation.framework ( for the base classes)
> BCStatistics.framework ( HMMs, PCA, CA, and many many more )
>   ..... as many as you can think ( e.g. ProteinStructure.framework )
> BCAppKit.framework ( Basic UI )
> and a BioCocoa.framework, which contains the headers of all other
> frameworks.
> with this organisation we wouldn't need the folders in the filesystem,
> just groups and targets.
> Just think about it .... perhaps i'm looking too far to the future
> Phil
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