[Biococoa-dev] Developer documentation

Alexander Griekspoor mek at mekentosj.com
Thu Feb 24 04:37:18 EST 2005

> Yes, this is why I started the dev-docs folder on the project. Having 
> it in the project makes it easier for everybody to edit, like a wiki 
> in a way, so everybody can contribute and help too. To duplicate this 
> in a web site is nice, but it might be hard for you to keep it in 
> sync? Maybe if you suggested a simple layout that would make the 
> conversion easier? e.g. I sticked to some <h2> and <p> tags in what I 
> started (I did not like the default format for <h1>, too big!).
Heard of CSS ? ;-)
If we stick to some tags perhaps similar to the headerdoc tags, we 
don't have to go spread all these <h1> etc throughout the code. I'll 
give a look at it and come up with a proposal. Editing the docs in the 
project is brilliant, indeed wiki like....
What I was pointing add, was a more tutorial based outline of the 
architecture. Just a simple two page overview or something, but perhaps 
that too screams for an example..
> I know by experience from working with you that the web page will look 
> fantastic no matter what, so I do think it is a good idea... i just 
> want to make sure you don't spend too much time on it and that 
> everyone can help. And also let's remember: most of the 'developer 
> doc' should be in the implementation files themselves, in the good old 
> /*comments*/ which are sooo important to edit and debug somebody 
> else's code.
Yep, you're fully right. The prime concern is documented code, properly 

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