[Biococoa-dev] Project Structure

Alexander Griekspoor mek at mekentosj.com
Thu Feb 24 05:56:32 EST 2005


Never looked at it in such a way, but you're right and most people like 
the idea as well.

> What i want to suggest is the following...
> BCFoundation.framework ( for the base classes)
> BCStatistics.framework ( HMMs, PCA, CA, and many many more )
>  ..... as many as you can think ( e.g. ProteinStructure.framework )
> BCAppKit.framework ( Basic UI )
> and a BioCocoa.framework, which contains the headers of all other 
> frameworks.

Excellent, this way people can choose how much they integrate. It 
doesn't change much to the situation thus far, the foundation is still 
the thing to concentrate on for most of us, but I understand that 
you'll probably start with the BCStatistics framework then in the near 
future (I don't know what PCA and CA are standing for anyway ;-).

The question is will we stick with one XCode project with a separate 
target for each (sub)framework? I'm in favor of that as long as it 
doesn't grow too much (which probably will not be the case for some 
> with this organisation we wouldn't need the folders in the filesystem, 
> just groups and targets.
Please, like John said, let's mirror the group, target hierarchy also 
in the filesystem as much as possible!!! If we add a BCStatistics 
framework, then we should also add a BCStatistics folder in the root of 
the project directory just like we did with BCAppKit and BCFoundation. 
Let's try to stick to the same model as for these two...

Finally, this answers Charles remark as well:
> From last week, it seemed most people liked the idea, but I thought 
> I'd ask again now that we have more people before adding yet another 
> folder and a new target and 10 more files...
Guess, it's no problem to add another target and folder;-)

> Just think about it .... perhaps i'm looking too far to the future
You're looking quite far indeed, but there's nothing against that! I 
call it dedication ;-)

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