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Charles PARNOT charles.parnot at stanford.edu
Thu Feb 24 23:13:40 EST 2005

>The question is will we stick with one XCode project with a separate target for each (sub)framework? I'm in favor of that as long as it doesn't grow too much (which probably will not be the case for some time..).
>>with this organisation we wouldn't need the folders in the filesystem, just groups and targets.
>Please, like John said, let's mirror the group, target hierarchy also in the filesystem as much as possible!!! If we add a BCStatistics framework, then we should also add a BCStatistics folder in the root of the project directory just like we did with BCAppKit and BCFoundation. Let's try to stick to the same model as for these two...
>Finally, this answers Charles remark as well:
>>From last week, it seemed most people liked the idea, but I thought I'd ask again now that we have more people before adding yet another folder and a new target and 10 more files...
>Guess, it's no problem to add another target and folder;-)

I don't really see any problems with a large project. Checkout and updates via cvs would only suffer performance issues if we have thousands of files. Clearly having physical folders in the project will help, lke John explained. I also wondered at the beginning why you were doing that, and I realized after a while the benefit for cvs stuff.

Having many targets and groups in the project is dependent on Xcode resistance to that. We will test its limits... A wild guess: beyond 20 targets, some issues may appear? We will never get there, right??


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